'Ello Again. Miss Me?

As I walk towards the scene of the caranage, I wonder if this was a good idea. It is unlikely that anybody I remember will still be there, as it is a long time since I left. But I can make friends again, right? I have done it before.

I wonder if I can help. It looks like there's a lot of damage, and I am, after all, a Healer. At least, I was -- in my childhood, before my innocence was destroyed and I became hated by those who knew what I had done.

"Hello?" I call gently, towards the people that are standinga round. Some of them are shouting at each other -- something about beer? And others are just talking. No one has seen me yet. "Hello?"

I am noticed! Somebody turns, but I can't make out who it is. I feel that perhaps I should introduce myself, as I have changed a lot. I've aged, though little time has passed, and I have suffered in ways that I don't even like to imagine.

"It's me. Mai. I've come back."

The End

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