Immortal? Welcome To The Club.

I gasp as Erica steps between the evil lady and me. She can’t do that! Surely she’ll be killed… But Erica’s actions are far quicker than my reactions and instantly she’s there, catching the crackling lightning ball and sneering at the evil woman.

“I don't care for my life. I am immortal and I wish I wasn't. So no matter how much you threaten me, death means nothing. I can't die".

Well that makes two of us. In fact, immortality seems to be a fast growing trend, as I gathered that the evil lady couldn’t die either.

I watched, still horrified though, as Erica broke a bottle and pushed it through herself. It slid, as though that was just some magician’s trick, right out of the other side of her stomach. This made everybody (except possibly the incredibly drunk) look round and gawp at the phenomenon. If Erica Celestine wasn’t known in the USA, she was now.

I grabbed Erica’s wrist (again-feel free to roll eyes) and pulled her aside, hissing:

“Are you trying to get yourself on the news again?”

Erica watched, for a second, as Alex confronted, and then challenged the evil woman, before snapping her attention back to me.

“Aren’t you shocked that I’m immortal?” It seemed to me that her ‘party piece’ was just to get attention.

“I’ve got to know immortal people over the last couple of weeks-coming up to a month now-everybody has secrets, Erica, I’ve just learnt not to be surprised by them anymore. It’s life, my friend.”

Erica’s hazel eyes tried to scan my grey ones for any other information, but I kept my secrets well away from the emotions that eyes could show.  I was 16, I was grown-up, and that meant I should act it too.

“We could…run away again, you know, whilst everyone’s occupied with them…” She suggested and gestured to Alex and the evil woman who were attacking each other with various strange objects lying around.

Gabby glanced over at us, and suddenly she was beside me,

“Oh no, you two aren’t going anywhere without finally explaining to me what happened.”

Erica and I glanced nervously at each other, but I couldn’t read the other expression on her face.

“Right, who’s going first?”

The End

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