And Angels on the Tarmac

He was breath-taking. And that was before I could get close enough to sense that buzzing aura of his. I stared at the vision who had just made his way onto the field. He was blonde, not brown, but the resemblance to Aidan had me shocked… Perhaps, it was simply the man’s impression on me, the fact that it was impossible to deny what he was. Whilst I considered Aidan my metaphorical angel, here was an actual, physical eternal being on the tarmac of the road-side.

Ravyn was beside the gleaming figure in an instant. I knew the figures beside me were shifting in their anxiety to understand who the conundrum was who had suddenly crept from the undergrowth of trees nearby. They embraced as if they had all their lives and they talked, but it wasn’t the sort of talking the I believed Aidan and I would have done ourselves; as age grew in the mysterious man’s eyes, Ravyn’s own expression was mutated into one of quiet discontent. She tried to hide it, but I could sense that the lady was tenser.

I blinked and, in the movement, the two of them had journeyed to our side. What caught me more by surprise, though, was the twitch of Nastasia’s lip, an argument brewing in as little noise as it could.

We exchanged pleasantries in the echoes of the silent field and roadside, all the time waiting for someone to crack under the intensity of the sisters’ gazes. When Ravyn thrust her chin out in front, Nastasia would tip her head lower so that her eyes became level in a stare. What had been going on between them? Unfortunately- I guessed that I wouldn’t get to know.

“Meggie…” My darling Aidan gestured to the side, and, as one, we wandered over the access of the woods, where Aidan then pulled me aside, a look of concern decorating his pretty face.

“Who is Michael? I mean: what is he? I’ve learnt, indeed, not to rule out aliens…but, Meg, you know full well that I’ve read about…visions such as him in The Scriptures.”

I winced as Aidan slipped back into his use of my former nickname, obviously enraptured by the form outside of my sight-line.

“I’m not putting my money on anything yet, Aidan.”

He continued to keep his eyes planted on the figure, jaw hinging slightly more open every second. I clenched my fists gently, feeling the soft scrape of my nails on flesh; one more move and the man I had strived so long and hard to get would be walking away. He had no chains, but I wanted to wind my ties around him, just to show my mother, whose hanging onto the sun had the movement of a shadow, that I could indeed keep to one soul without dipping into sin.

And, as I contemplated the such thoughts, I watched Aidan begin to wander off. If I had prayed, desperate for anything, luck had heard my call, for a vibrant scream had split the peace of the treetops and set my hair into tighter curls.

“Aidan, come here,” I called to my love, following the trail.

When Aidan returned to the wood, we ventured further, both intrigued. Soon we came upon what seemed, at first, to be a pack of big dogs sniffing around what I assumed was a catch or prey.

That was until Aidan spotted a familiar shock of jet-black hair.

“It’s Chrissie!” She was still frozen in worry. “And Erica.” The latter, however, giggled as she stroked the closest animal, before herself adding:

“There’s a lot of them.”

That’s when I saw what ‘they’ actually were:

“Wolves!” I cried, but I crouched further towards them.

The wolves were…less full of harm than they looked. At least, I hoped so.

The End

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