Kitty Powertime

The next morning, Bluebell woke up in her bed. While she had been asleep, She had been taken to the hospital from school and back home. She went downstairs and made herself bacon and eggs along with cereal and warm milk. Once she was fully alert, she remembered her task. Then since it was a Friday, she shouted goodbye to her parents and headed out to school.

She saw Honey and Lilac on her way to school. Once she had arived at school, She spotted a girl with green eyes, a white watch, long brown hair and a red styling outfit. Her name was Cream soda.

When Bluebell Went in to class, Her teacher anoced that they had a new student: Cream soda. Cream soda was placed near Bluebell.

Then she saw a girl with red hair, white plain skin glowing in pink and violet purple eyes. Her name was Kitty. Kitty Ice.

Blubell and Cream soda  along with Kitty headed outside together and met people who apperantly were here in Ireland.

They join the the bus tourers on their jounery around the world and headed to Dublin.

The End

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