I was hungry. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of nowhere with nothing to eat. I so wished we were in Dublin, and I could get a bite to eat at the nearest tearoom or diner. But no, I had to be wandering around in the middle of nowhere. At least I had company.

I was starting to get to know the names of everyone. There was Erica, the alien? Skye.... not so sure about her. Aiden and Meggie and and the four people who were with them, One of which was engaged. The others... No so sure about them. I was never good with names.

Anyway, Erica was nice. She told me about all her near death experiences. It was weird. I didn't know it was possible to stay in a burning house for four hours.... The bus had crashed two or three times. I don't think anyone was hurt.

My stomach moaned at me. I was starved.

'I'm gunna go and find something to eat.' I announced to Erica, and wanderd off into the woods.

After several minutes, I came across a patch of clovers. It was not the best idea to do the same type of spell I had done earlier on the bus, so I thought up a word spell. Once again, rhyming and poetry is not my speciality.

'Patch of clover,
Switch for me,
Turn into a..... Urm
Bag of peas!'

In front of me. where the clovers had been, was a small plastic bag, which stank of urnie. I sighed and sat down against the tree. There was a snuffling from somewhere behind me. I peered round the side of the tree, to come face to face with some grey fur, and large, orange eyes. I screamed and it stepped forward to lick my face. I screamed again and it backed away. I scrambled back, my eyes wide with fear. Wolves were supposed to be vicious. This one wasn't.

Erica had heard me scream and was running through the forest, although she wasn't exactely as scared as I was when she saw the wolf.

'Aww, how cute.' she cooed. 'I wonder if there's more of them?'

I whimpered as the wolf trotted closer and shoved it's head into Erica's hand. Skye came into view.

'Hey, wolves are strong right?' I nodded. Skye ran back out of sight. Five minutes later, she was back with the whole party. By this time, there were fifty wolves surrounding Erica and I

The End

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