Demons on the Field

I was getting bored. I simply couldn’t help it. Waiting for buses was not my thing. I had been pacing, but, after a glance from Aidan, had stopped, embarrassed. What else was there for me to do? No other buses were coming.

Chrissy had mentioned heading down the road, looking for a café to get a bite to eat, but I wasn’t particularly interested. Soon, it was just Aidan and I alone next to the bus. The woman I had seen before, golden-eyed and eerie, had begun to head off in the direction of one of the fields, followed by the people she had been sitting with. I couldn’t help it, but that curiosity sprung up from nowhere again. I needed to talk to her.

I felt Aidan’s hand attempt to clutch at my own, but I wandered away before he could get a hold on me.

Gathering my strength, I tiptoed up to the four of them.

“Do you want to come with us?” I asked them. “My name’s Meggie; I’ve got nothing better to do.”

The woman cast her eyes towards her companions before nodding.

“Why not?”

“Okay, give me a sec and we can head off.”

I jogged back to Aidan.

“I’m going to get to know the group over there. It’ll give me a good distraction.”

“I’ll come,” he replied. “I’ve certainly got nothing better to do.” I knew he wanted to keep an eye on me.

“Meg…” Aidan said as he strolled to keep up with me. “Be careful. Don’t tell them too much.”

For some reason, I pretended to be oblivious to what he was saying.

When I met up with the others, Ravyn, the woman, introduced herself to me and then went about introducing the other three to me: Lucian, Blaine, and Nastasia. We walked off in no particular direction. I felt like talking, though I didn’t know why. I felt like it was necessary for me to know them- or for them to know me- as myself, not as who I might become. Inside my head, all my thoughts were babbling together. I willed them to shut up.

“You all seem pretty at ease with the Bus crashing,” the woman named Nastasia pointed out.

“It’s crashed a few times,” I explained. “We were in America until not long ago. Mai got us out of a predicament.”


“Yeah, she’s an-” Aidan’s fingers crunched down on mine. He shot me a silencing look.

“-A friend,” I finished, drawing my hand away and massaging at the knuckles.

“I take it that Mai is not human,” said Blaine.

“No,” I replied, thinking. This was one way I could get them to talk. “Are you?” I added.

“No,” chuckled Ravyn, “we’re Demons.”

“Demons?” I heard Aidan question beside me.

I turned bright pink, and, as we walked, I stared determinedly at a tuff of grass of the ground. He’d only just come around to the idea that aliens were not demons, but actually aliens; I didn’t think he’d understand if we added another dimension into the mix, Oxford degree or not. Besides, demons were not a topic I wanted to cross right not, especially not if the conversation involved my relation to them.

I finally managed to draw my eyes away from the most interesting spot on the ground, to see Ravyn looking expectantly at me. I smiled.

“This is Aidan.”

“Hello,” he murmured beside me. Suddenly, the ground looked all too interesting again. I hoped that, when I next looked up again, there would not be contempt in the Catholic’s eyes.

“Yes, Demons,” Ravyn responded. She didn’t seem fazed by my problems at all. In fact, why would she? Despite her connections with my mother in that way, she wouldn’t have known what I kept locked in my black soul…

Having walked rather further from the bus than I had expected, I turned and began to make my way back across the field. We were still on the subject of Mai.

“And Mai’s an alien, right?” Ravyn added.

Aidan’s “Oh” beside me was apologetic. However, he frowned with me.

“How do you know that?” he remarked, oblivious to the extra senses that Demons had been graced with.

Despite that, there was something more, and Ravyn knew that she had us waiting for an answer. Finally, her lips parted and she gave an answer, whilst, at the same, confusing me further:

“I know her.”

The End

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