Unexpected meeting

I was just wandering through the countryside in the beautiful island of Ireland, when the weirdest thing happened (and that must be pretty weird, because some weird things have happened to me!) A bus flew past my ears, down a beaten track, and into a tree. I ran down to see if the people inside were alright. Weirdly enough, they were.

'Well that's another adventure for the bus!' said a tall girl.

'Hello, are you all okay?' I asked.

'Yeah, think so!' she replied, slipping her hand into a man's, who'd just climbed out of the overturned bus.

'Okay then! I'm Chrissy.'

'Meggie,' she stuck out a hand for me to shake, 'Welcome to the bus!'

She introduced me to the man with his arm round her, Aiden, and very tall woman called Skye, Gabby, Alex and Erica. She told me their story, that they'd been trying to get to their home in Oxford, and that they'd randomly ended up in America. Their adventures along the way, and here they were, in Ireland, waiting for another adventure.

'Sounds fun!' I contemplated.

'Join us! Oh wait, the bus..' Gabby smiled

'No worries! I can fix that!'

'Mechanic are you?' Alex asked.

'Not quite!' I replied, and wandered over to the bus. I focused my mind on what I thought it had looked like before. Opening my eyes, I realised I'd thought of my old school bus. In front of me lay a heap of yellow painted metal. That's what it was now.


I tried it again, thinking of one of the buses I'd seen in Belfast a few days before. And it was a rubber duck. The I relaised I'd been focused on the advert in the side.

'No worries,' Aiden reassured, 'We can find a new one. Might take a while. So people, we have a plan!'

There were cheers form the people now sitting on the floor behind me.

'I'm sorry, I've never been good at spells, I'm so clumsy. I'm mucked this all up!'

'No don't worry, we've really needed something to do.' This was Erica.

So, after laughing. shock, a bit of upset, it was decided that they would hijack the next bus they saw, and convert it into the bus they'd already known. And I was one of 'they'. I was to come with them.


The End

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