Amber Sunset

Finishing for Burnthestars and Pumpkin201


We had lost track of time for so long, but I guess that’s what life is always like for vampires. It was almost evening when we returned to the site of the pub, where we suspected we’d left everyone else, having decided that we had no more money for spending any more time in hotels. I could see, however, that Gabby wasn’t thrilled to be back. I didn’t know if she was even willing to go back to Britain. That was, if we could get a new bus to take us the route back. If I remembered rightly (for it seemed years away when I had been spending my time in a little Gabby-filled bubble), the other had crashed, again, and left us stranded in this middle-of-nowhere.

The American pub was a mess, and reporters were flooding around it, bugs the lot of them. I did a couple of quick laps of the pub, leaving Gabby to watch the faint glimpses of me from the safety of a bus shelter across the road. When I returned, I sadly confirmed the situation: a pub of reporters but nobody from the bus.

“The hell? We didn’t break that much, did we?” I ended my observations with.

Gabby laughed beside me. Her features were still tired, but a weight seemed to have been lifted off her chest.

“I have literally no idea what we have missed.”

“Well, that’s what you get for sleeping in.”

I wasn’t the one who wanted to get up at some ridiculous hour!”

“It wasn’t ridiculous,” I added. “I reckon that witch, Skye, is still around. Fancy beating her up again?”

“Alex!” Gabby said, pushing me. “Can you stay out of trouble for once?”

“We’re vampires, what do you expect?” Sometimes, using the stereotype worked to my advantage.

“Well at least I…” Then Gabby pouted. She couldn’t think of a comeback. Instead she continued to glare in my direction as I surveyed her.


“Hey!” Again, Gabby shoved. But then she sighed. “This placed is packed. I likeAmerica, but I’d rather be alone, just the two of us, you know. No killing humans anymore. I don’t want…” She shrugged, remember all the times before.

“Yeah, I’m sure we can find a nice forest-secluded part of this goddam large country. But…you’ll have to catch me first.”

And I began to run off, watching her figure slowly catching me up. When it felt as if she was about to outrun me, I put on a burst of speed, reaching into my full-vampire power, and listened to her curse as she had to work harder to match me. It felt good to laugh to the sky, concerned with nothing and tied to no one. Soon we were running off into the amber sunset, alone with only the red sky to follow us now.

The End

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