Why am I even here?

Why am I even here? 

I found myself asking that question again and again as I made my way onto the bus that had just pulled up beside me. It was absolute chaos; people were shouting animately, others were fighting and a rare few were sat by themselves staring out the window.

I chose a seat nearest the front, behind a guy who was leaning against the bus window with his hood covering his face.

Shoving my headphones in, I dumped my suitcase at my feet, turned the volume up full blast and tried to drown out the noise of the bus.

Seconds later however, the guy in front of me turned around to stare at me intently for several moments until I grew irritated.

'What?' I asked, annoyed. 

He got up and came to sit beside me, pulling his hood away. I got a good look at him. He was extremely good looking, with an incredibly chiselled jawline and high cheekbones. His black hair was stylishly messy and contrasted sharply with his bright blue eyes and pale complexion. 

'You're new,' he smiled.

'Um, I guess I am...' I replied, confused. 

'You're not going to last two seconds on this bus,' he laughed humourlessly.

'Oh? What makes you think that?' I challenged. 

'Because you smell so delicious...' his lip curled ever so slightly and I could make out a pair of very sharp fangs. He slowly leant forward, murmuring: 'Just a taste...'

I was ready for him though.

It was so easy to control now, just like a switch that I could flick on and off effortlessly. I looked him dead in the eye and waited for it to take effect. Seconds later, he bent over in agony clutching his head.

'What....are....you....doing....' he choked out between gasps. 

I leant forward until my mouth was right next to his ear and whispered: 'I think I'll last quite a while, don't you?'


The End

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