Spontaneous Combustion.

I woke up when Alex prodded me. Rude.

I groaned quietly, and was greeted with another prod, so I rolled over away from him. And he lay on top of me. How hard is it to understand that I just want to sleep? The bed is so comfy...

My attempts at pushing him off were ruined when he hugged me. I decided it would be easier to just go to sleep - I was comfy enough.

Alex whined, and I opened an eye to look at him. "Wake up." He said, with those puppy dog eyes that would usually persuade me to do anything. But not when I'm half asleep. With a shake of my head, I closed my eye again. "Pwease?" I pulled the covers up over my head, and he pulled them back with a pout.

"You look like a puff when you pout," I mumbled quietly, rolling over again.

Alex pecked me lightly on the cheek. "I love you despite that."

I giggled a little. "If you loved me you'd let me sleep." I opened an eye to see him scowling at me, so I sleepily lifted a hand to prod his eyebrow. And he bit my finger.

"Ow..." Ooh, my eyes closed by themselves that time.

"Wake up then." Uh. No. I shook my head.

Lex whined again, so I shuffled my way all the way down under the duvet and curled up into a ball. The cosy whiteness enveloped me, and a moment later his arms were around me.

But I groaned. "I'm awake now..." Stupid Alex had to wake me up when I was quite happy in my own little land of nod, having my own little nonsensical dreams...

When getting out of bed, don't just roll blindly. ‘Cause it's painful when your body hits the floor without your feet balancing you first. Just saying.

"That kinda hurt." I lay back on the carpet, staring up at the ceiling. Alex looked over the side of the bed to offer a hand, but I shook my head and started to roll my way across the floor to the bathroom, smiling as he giggled.

Lexi watched me for a while, as I slowly made my way across the room. "Seriously, what're you doing?"

"Rolling. Why?" I didn't stop.

"You look funny."

"Your face looks funny."

So he covered it. Jerk.

I stopped rolling and frowned, crawling over to him. "In a pretty way..." The vampire kept it hidden. "Don't cover it." Alex peeked out from between his fingers, and I made a sad face at him.

"What do I get for uncovering it?"

"Sex?" I responded automatically. Then paused, as I turned a brilliant shade of red. "I mean... pretend I didn't say that..."

He took his hands away, frowning at me in a pretend way. "Now, now, Gabby, don't get a guy's hopes up like that." All I could do was hide my own face to conceal my blush. He chuckled, peeling a hand away from my face and leaning down to plant a kiss on my cheek. My blush deepened, so he slid off the bed to hug me.

"That's not all I think about. I swear it's not..." I buried my face into his shoulder.

"I know," he said, smiling.

I lifted my head, grinning back. "Good," then frowned. "... I have to pee."

Alex laughed slightly, letting go of me. You liked my subtle subject change, huh? "Go pee, then."

"But I was comfy hugging you."

"You can be comfy hugging me when you get back from peeing."

"Promise?" The bathroom's all the way over there... I'd rather keep talking than move, to be honest.


"You sure you can keep that promise?"

He put on a serious face, and I almost smiled. "I think so." He nodded.

"What if you spontaneously combust?" It happens, okay? Who's to say it won't happen to him?

"No spontaneous combusting today, gorgeous."

"Awesome." I leaned forward to kiss him firmly on the lips, then crawled my way to the bathroom. 


The End

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