It was Aidan, and, boy, did he look gorgeous! That short, messy, dark chestnut hair, those glowing green-blue eyes, the soft, kind features, longing for me.

He’s come back… He never left… He, he…he loves me?

Aidan’s expression was basically unreadable. His eyes were drenched in passion and sorry and worry and desire. Confusion met shame in an explosion of chemicals, but he would not show it openly to me now.

I stood, slowly moving towards the man who had left me. I saw Erica appear from behind him, but duck out of our way, and head towards the bar. Quickly, I mouthed a ‘thank you’ at her, my eyes begging her forgiveness, and watched her solemn nod back. She too displayed nothing of what had transpired outside the pub.

And now it was just Mr. Bible and I.

He blushed first, his face turning an adorable pink above his stubble.



“You left.”

“I did.”

We were emotionless.

I wanted to stamp my feet, I wanted to yell, I wanted to scream; surely my heart would not be able to take that combination of souring joy and ravaging pain exploding from it?

“I… You… Why…?”

Finally Aidan found his voice too.

“I don’t know. My phone’s on silent now, just so you know.”

“I don’t have your number,” I shrugged, “I have your college-based email though.”

He laughed, “I didn’t mean you, sweetheart. But, of course, my sister and her family will have, no doubt, tried to contact me, and-”

He called me sweetheart! I felt as though my skin was on fire, burning away any previous fears. An uncontrollable grin spread across my face, I blushed brightly and jumped to Aidan’s side, as he finished his ramblings.

“Aidan,” I rushed along my words, unbelievably excited, “There’s someone I want you to meet.”


The End

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