Would I rather things were different? I'm not sure, really. I mean, I wish I hadn't gotten any venom in her veins, but that doesn't mean we would never have gotten together. It might have taken longer, I s'pose. But it doesn't mean that we wouldn't have gotten together.

Does it?

I don't know.

"I love you too," I whisper, resting my head on her shoulder.

She rests her head on mine for a second or two, before pulling away again. Her nose scrunches up a little and she smiles. "I think we should find a shower." I hum in agreement. And make absolutely no effort to move. She rolls her eyes. "You smell," she tells me with a grin.

"Cheeky beggar," I mutter, lifting my head. Giggling, she kisses my cheek and mutters ‘c'mon', trying to get me to move. I grunt and hug her a little tighter, putting my head back on her shoulder. Whining a little, she pushes me.


"Oh, but I'm comfy," I complain.

"You can be comfy when you smell nice. Come on!" oh for... I sigh and pull her up with me, taking her hand as we walk out. She squeezes my hand and smile up at me.


We end up at a hotel for our shower. I let her go first, and wait on the bed for her. When she re-emerges, she walks out wrapped in just a towel with her clothes over her arm.

"You gunna go in the shower, stinky?" Once I'm done wishing you weren't so shy.

"Charming," I huff, getting up. She giggles at me, sitting on the bed and waiting for me to go have a shower. I pout and shuffle into the bathroom with my bag, rummaging through it for a pair of clean boxers. Once I'm done in the shower, those boxers are all I walk out in.

When I get out of there, Gabby is pulling my hoodie on over her bra, lacking a clean shirt. She looks me up and down as she zips it up. "I'm not gunna complain, but you should really put some clothes on before we leave," she says and then pauses, and looks away, blushing.

I grin, "Well we have the room for the day. I dunno about you, but I could do with acquainting myself with that bed."

She looks at bed, then back at me. "That bed?" yes that bed. That double bed right there.

"I don't see any other bed."

A thoughtful frown creases her brow and she bites her lip. "Wanna sleep in shifts? She smiles nervously and inwardly, I sigh a tiny bit. I wasn't suggesting anything more than passing out, and maybe a cuddle. I lean over and kiss her.

"Whatever you want, gorgeous." Kissing back, she closes her eyes for a moment.

"I changed my mind," she tells me as she pulls away. Quickly, she climbs into bed, still fully clothed and I chuckle slightly, pulling on a shirt before joining her.



The End

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