"Wait," I say suddenly, stopping Aidan from walking away. He turns to me with a sigh, and I'm suddenly stuck for words. I don't really have anything to say to him, I just don't want him to leave. Argh! "Um... I'm really sorry for just suddenly judging you. I guess I really shouldn't trust the news. They've got the story about me practically as wrong as they can get it. It's just the only way I've got of knowing anything about anything. Sorry" I tell him in a rush.

No, it's fine" he says. There's that awkward silence as we just stand there waiting for each other to say something.

So I say "I... I think Meggie's worried about you. I'm not sure, but I think she is. She won't tell me... I just think... because she's not really as focused as she needs to be..."

"Well... I... Um..." Aidan struggles for something to say to that, and then he suddenly asks "Where is she?"

"I don't know" I tell him "I was just looking for her. She was supposed to be waiting for me, but she disap- damn it! Where are we?"

"Round the corner from the pub. Can I just ask, you're thirteen years old... and you have dry blood on your hands?"

"I do?" I look at my hands, I'm sure I washed them. And, crap, stains. "Uh, long story"

"Oh, all right then. Shall we go and find Meggie for you? She can't have gotten far"

"Sure" he leads me down loads of alleyways, which all look the same. Eventually we come to the pub, which we walk into. I see Skye, seething in a corner. 
Well bloody good for her. B*tch.
Meggie is sat at the bar, with the new woman, who is pulling down her sleeve. Who is she!?
 Aidan sees Meggie at the same time Meggie sees him. And they just stare at each other.

The End

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