Don't kill her.

Vampirism is evil. I used to think that. I used to know that. Now? I have to freaking live with it; of course it's evil.

It's just an evil that I can't really help - not without pinning myself to an open area and waiting for the sun.

Can't do that now, though. I'm not nearly suicidal enough.

Talking of sun, it's getting kinda hot out here. I can't be bothered with this whole wandering around trying to find someone bullsh*t. Bored, I walk up to someone's house and knock on the door without giving Gabby a chance to protest, debating whether to pretend we're lost or working for some charity. Maybe both.

"Hello?" a chubsy woman answers the door and looks between me and Gabby, like she expects us to do something awful. Honestly, people these days are so suspicious.

"Hi," I put on a charming, friendly, happy smile, pretending like I'm not secretly loathing what I'm about to do. "Me and my girlfriend have been on this bus tour around the country, but we recently broke down in the middle of nowhere. I was just wondering if we could um, use your bathroom?" Irish charm. It never fails. She lets us in and I whisper to Gabby that she can use the bathroom first. Or hide near it. Same thing, really. The woman tells Gabby how the shower works and leads me through to the kitchen, offering me a drink. She sits me down at the kitchen table and chatters away.

Honestly woman, please just shut up. I feel bad enough as it is, but your motherly act is just making it worse. I thank her for the coffee she pushes in front of me and sit back, sipping at it.

"So, you got anyone else around?" I ask, listening as Gabby sort of hovers on the staircase.

"My husband," she smiles, "he only popped out to the shops; he should be back soon."

"Sorry, um... where are the towels?" Gabby asks, walking in.

"Oh!" the woman laughs slightly at her forgetfulness and takes Gabby upstairs to the airing cupboard. I follow behind silently. She opens the door and reaches up for a towel, but before she can pull it out, I strike her temple, hard. She crumples at my feet and I stand back, signalling wordlessly to Gabby that the woman's all hers.

"Just don't kill her," I mumble, shuffling back downstairs.


The End

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