Vampirism Is Evil.

Can you blame me for letting my mind wander? Alex and I walked down the road in silence for a few minutes, hand in hand, until we were out of sight of the pub. I don't think anyone saw us leave in the commotion Erica and psycho lady had left behind. If they had, I guess they didn't care.

"Do I get to ride you now?" I asked him as nonchalantly as I could. I'm pretty sure my blush gave me away, though.

Alex tried not to smirk. "You can ride me any time you want."

"Is that a promise?" I tried so hard to maintain my composure, I really did. But as soon as I thought through what I'd said again, I cringed, hiding my face in my hands to cover up my embarrassment. "Sorry."

He pecked me lightly on the cheek, smiling. "It is, but there's no rush," Still cringing, I climbed onto his back as he crouched, before setting off at a run.

I barely noticed the silence between us as we headed towards a small town. I was too busy thinking about what we'd discussed to be talkative. My blush still hadn't faded by the time Alex slowed slightly, looking around for a suitable dinner.

"Vampirism is evil..." I mumbled, mostly to myself. Alex didn't say anything, so I sighed. "I'm not thirsty anymore."

He rolled his eyes, shaking his head, as I climbed off his back. "Typical." He half smiled.

"What d'you mean?"

"Thirsty all the way here and then the moment we get here, you're not." Alex shrugged. "I am, though, so if you wanna find a cafe or something and wait for me..."

 I took a hold of his hand. "No, I want to come with you." I insisted. Is it bad that I'm scared of never seeing him again if he wanders off without me? I suppose it could just be me being a stupid insecure teenager... but still.

"Thought vampirism was evil," he said as he squeezed my hand.

"It is. But I'd rather be with you than sit in a café alone."

Alex shrugged, and muttered a "sure", so I shoved him slightly. "Go find someone to eat, then."

We started walking again, both sniffing the air for a hint of blood. There was plenty in the little houses lining the road, but we needed to catch someone unawares...

It took me a few minutes before I realised something was up with Alex. He looked, I dunno... uncomfortable. Almost embarrassed.

"What's wrong?" I asked, frowning.

"Nothing." I couldn't hold back my eye roll.

"Yeah right. What's up?"

He muttered, almost inaudibly, under his breath, making me have to lean towards him to hear properly. "Vampirism is evil."

"Oh." I chewed on my lip, taken aback. "Sorry."

I got a light peck on the lips from him, and a "S'fine" which didn't exactly convince me that he felt any better. "I didn't mean to... sorry. Crap. Sorry." Rushing to try to explain, my words came out jumbled and I just ended up apologising continuously, trying to stop Alex from being upset.

He stopped walking, turning to kiss me properly. "Don't worry about it," he said with a smile.

"You know I didn't mean it like that, right? I mean... you can't help it. Just vampirism in general. Not you. You're the opposite of evil. You're, like... good. Very good. I love you. I'm thirsty!" So much for not wanting to eat anyone, Gabby...

Alex laughed slightly, and I flushed scarlet again, apparently enough to receive another hug. "It's fine." He insisted.

"You sure?" I asked, hugging him back tightly and discreetly breathing in his scent. Even after so many days on the road, he still smells as good as ever. Or maybe that's just me.

"I'm sure." He nodded.

"Good. Can I go eat someone now?"


The End

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