I love you like, loads.

The b*tch split my lip. Seriously. Bits of wall in my beer and now a split lip. I whine at Gabby about it, even though it's already healing.  

"Aww..." she says, pretending to be sympathetic.  "Stop moaning," she rolls her eyes, laughing and gently kisses it better. "It'll be healed soon enough." I pout at her, making her giggle. "You're such a girl."

"I'm offended."

"A pretty girl." I can't tell if that's a compliment or not.

"I'm still offended," I grumble, "you're a meanie." She hugs me and I wrap my arms around her, running my tongue over my lip to see if it's healed yet.

"Sowwy, Lexi," she giggles again and I kiss the top of her head. "You know I only take the mick out of you 'cause I love you." I hum and nod. "Good." She lifts her head to smile up at me and plant a kiss on my lips. I kiss back and hold her a little tighter without thinking about it.

"So what's next, d'ya think?"

"I dunno. I'm thirsty."

"Up for a quick run?" I ask with a smile.

"Mhm," she licks her lips, "You gonna carry me?"

"Well I wasn't planning on it, but I can if you want," I laugh slightly.

"Okay. It feels like I haven't ridden you in ages ..." she pauses and her face turns an impressive shade of red as she slaps a hand to her face in embarrassment, "well that didn't sound wrong at all..." I laugh. I laugh a lot. I can't help it. She shoves me and tells me to shut up, still blushing. I press my lips together and attempt to stop laughing. It doesn't help much. She starts walking away from me and I giggle, catching up with her.

"Go away," she says, not looking at me. I slide my arms around her waist from behind and kiss her neck, just about managing to stop laughing.

"I'm sorry."

"Look who's the meanie now."

"Gabby?" she pushes me away and pouts, but I just bend and put my chin on her shoulder. "Have I ever mentioned that I love you like, loads?"

"You might've. Once or twice." I smile.

"I love you. Like, loads." Turning, she wraps her arms around my neck, pressing her forehead to mine.

"Ditto." A grin pulls her lips up and I kiss her, glad that when she kisses, she doesn't pull away. After a while though, I have to break the kiss.

"Keep that up and I'm gonna start getting other ideas about you riding me. C'mon, sexy bum, let's go find something to drink," I chuckle, taking her hand. 


The End

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