"Hey!" I yell at Skye and Alex as Meggie shuts the pub door. Neither of then stop fighting. "HEY!" still no response but the shouts of 'fight, fight, fight' get louder. So I grab Alex and pretend I'm angry at him for fighting with her, though I actually want to join him in knocking her head off.

"Alex" I mutter as I drag him over to the bar. "Get them out" I nod at Gabby and the new woman. Then I hear a hiss behind me.

"OK, one sec" he punches Skye in the face so hard and so quickly that she staggers backwards into one of the drunken spectators, clutching her nose. Then he grabs both Gabby and the new woman and drags them through one of the holes in the wall. 

"So" I say casually to Skye after she thumps the guy she crashed into. "I was wondering what else you can do"

"Oh, I see. You're trying to draw attention to yourself" she sneers, flicking a slightly pointless ball of explosion at me. I suck in a breath as the pain passes.

"No, I'm drawing attention to you, freak" I snap "'Cause I'm not interested but blowing holes in walls is old. Could've been a planned explosion for all these idiots"


"Why not?"

"Because it's against the rules of the... where I'm from"

"Wow. Goody two shoes now, are we? I'll just go then..."

"Ugh, typical" she points her deadly hands at the ceiling and all the pipes are suddenly sparkling with electricity. Then they start smoking. And to make matters worse for Skye, the ceiling sprinklers come on to try and put out a non existent fire. I manage to slip out in all the smoke and confusion.

But then I'm faced with a few problems.

1) Meggie is nowhere to be seen
2) I have no idea where the heck Alex took Gabby and the new woman
3) I am alone again.

I do stupid things when I'm alone. Bad stupid. Things like trying to defy my immortality. 
I groan loudly before going in search for everyone.  

The End

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