“Come on,” muttered Erica, planting a baseball cap onto her head, “Before long, this lot will attract a camera crew, and then they’ll see us again…”

“So we’d better get out of here?” I suggested.

“Yup,” Erica stood up and pushed away her lemonade, whilst I looked around at the busy pub.

But how are we to get out when there are so many people looking towards our direction?

“Erica…” I whispered, “Do you think you could distract that evil woman? The more attention there is focused on her- and Alex- the less there will be on us.”

Erica nodded, “Okay, I’ll try. I’ll meet you behind the pub in five?”

“Good luck,” I replied and was about to head off, when a thought struck me.

“Erica, how do you suppose the world is going to ignore this act of supernatural action?”

Erica laughed quietly.

“Probably pass it off as just a bar-fight,” she said, “If anybody says they saw people surviving blows that would kill, they’ll just be told ‘you were drunk and imagining it’.”

“Is that how it always happens, in this life, I mean? Because I’d heard of fantasy, but never seen it played before my very eyes.”

Erica pondered my question, and for a minute I wondered whether she had an answer. Finally she whispered, “Everything has an origin, Meggie. Now let’s go…”

I joined her standing up, and waved quickly as she walked off, bravely, towards the fight. I myself headed towards the door, ducking behind a couple of bar stools when I saw Gabby, but luckily she was talking to a figure who I vaguely remembered from the bus. It seemed too long ago now, that red giant, that metal-framed traveller… All the time I had spent on it was nothing compared to the hours and minutes of my entire life, and yet, it felt like a past friend; something I could rely on to bring back memories.

She had left that bus, this new lady, and I had tried to befriend one of the people that she had left behind… But it didn’t work. I suppose my mother had always had plans for me to meet the alien, Jenny, and, eventually, become who I am…

Then, finally (after much ducking and weaving around the crowd who were determined to keep an eye on the fight, no matter how afraid they really were) I reached the door. I kept my mind on the task ahead, hoping that I could sneak out, and meet Erica and then that would be it; we’d start a runaway life together, fighting off our troubles, like they were visible monsters who could rip our heads off as easily as this woman who was currently wrecking the bar. (Aside from the fact that we’d just pop up alive again, being the immortals we are…)

Unfortunately, fate was not on my side today.

“And just where do you think you’re going, Meggie Greene?”

The End

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