The Protagonize Bus (The Continuation)

The the continuation of the popular role-play, The Protagonize Bus, where anybody can join, and absolutely anything can happen...

 The story so far...

Last time we saw The Protagonize Bus crew (consisting of Alex- a vampire, his 16-year-old girlfriend, Gabby- a half-vampire, Meggie Greene- descendant of the Devil’s family, and her love/former teacher Aidan Bible, Erica Celestine- a mysterious girl who appears to be immortal, and Skye- a completely evil woman who is nearly always unsuccessful in killing her foes) they were in a very random pub in America where the bus had crashed and left Meggie and Aidan in the hotel. Meggie found out her mother had died and therefore had a few issues to sort before she could hop back on that vehicle. She currently thinks that Aidan has ‘dumped’ her in order to return to England to celebrate his niece’s birthday but, unbeknown to her, he has “felt the pull of evil” and stayed to watch over her secretly.

Alex (who, with Gabby, was not on the bus when it crashed; they were off doing…vampirey things) knows about Aidan though, and is trying to decide whether he should do the right thing and tell. At the moment, as far as we know, Alex is fighting Skye who has just blown holes in the walls of the pub and the next door hotel!

Gabby spotted Meggie and Erica when they were trying to hide from the paramedics and news reporters (Erica called an ambulance when Meggie shot herself in order to go to ‘the underworld’ and talk to her mother-luckily the only victim of the shot was Meggie’s beautiful new green dress which was soaked with crimson blood), and currently (as well as being shocked by Skye and trying to keep Alex out of trouble) she is trying to draw the events that she was not there for from them.

I think that’s it for now, but read on to enjoy more of The Protagonize Bus!

The End

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