The Protagonize Bus

Ok basics of this is to Create a charachter and fit him/her/it on the bus
Every Chapter writen should be A new charachter prehaps sitting in front of next to behind or even hit by the sweets thrown another charachter. You can be ANY AGE a teacher a humble bus traveler a student anything but if Facts like where the bus is going or why get laid down by someone please stick to them Thats the only rules Go Go Go !!!!

Im Beth.

I am a bus driver.. unfortunatly.

I Used to be a driving instructor untill red driving school charged in and stole my buisness. Anyway it isnt too bad work at least I get to go places.

At the curent moment im musing over what travel lodge we should stop at tonigh for food.

You see I drive tour busses around the world. Im still driving a student group on a school trip It's a two week expedition so I'm getting used to the noise. This morning we picked up a Tourist group who are currently sitting at the front chatting.

I live alone when it comes to my holidays. With my golden retreiver Sam. Ive thought of trying online dating but i couldnt bring myself to it.

I had a boyfreind. His name was adam and we had been childhood sweethearts. Unfortunatly two years ago he joined the navy and we wouldnt have been able to see eachother enough. So we broke it off and maybe we will meet again one day. We still stay in contact as freinds

I look into my mirror upon all my passengers. I sigh .. I wonder who they all are and what stories they have ......

The End

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