The Water Whisperer

The Water Whisperer is the super alter ego of the RiverTalker, the mild mannered author and poet who uses the rolling waves of his favourite river as his muse, his life long friend, and inspiration.

He spends a good deal of time wandering alone along the grassy and stony shores, composing his gems of wisdom, while he unobtrusively whispers to the waves, using his extraordinarily fine tuned long distance hearing, and physic mind waves to alter the course and actions of the waters that flow ultimately to the oceans.

A closet ecologist, he can close his eyes and visualize areas where the ecosystems and wetlands of the world are threatened or endangered. By using his powers he kneels in the shallows, his face almost in the water, whispering directions to the trillions of droplets, to rally around the troubled shores, swamps and other areas requiring aqua assistance. His superior intellect shows the waves and waters how to replenish the stagnant and dwindling wetlands and bird sanctuaries.

He orchestrates cleansing the ocean waters of disastrous oil spills, by using mini tempests and hurricanes to lift the thick blankets of black ooze into the air, and dump the entire trillion tons onto the head offices and CEO homes of the offending oil company. Of course all of these buildings would be evacuated, due to hurricanes, flooding, and other acts of an angry mother nature. The water whisperer does not use his powers to do lasting harm to anyone, however richly the miscreants may deserve it.

Our hats are off to the Water Whisperer, friend to man, fish and fowl alike.

The End

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