E for Eloosive

In a world of serious realities and jaded sensibilities, of rigid logic and cheap excuses, people are sometimes baffled by quality and levity.

Consider this scene for a moment: a crowd of passers-by have stopped to gawk and mutter amongst themselves.  A blank wall of an abandoned building has been covered with words.  Not just words, not words from some artistic text rebelling against a stagnant society, no: rather, it's rhyming prose.  If one takes a moment to stop and read, one would notice it's the story of a fire-breathing donkey.  In rhyme.  Used to prose staying in its prose bin and rhyme keeping to its prosody bin, people are taken aback.

"Who'd do something like this?" a curious bystander asks his neighbor.  The neighbor looks up, studying the words, then lets his eyes drift to the bottom.  The artist, of course, has left his signature.

"I'd recognize that mark anywhere," the neighbor replies, a sort of reverence in his voice.  "It's Eloosive."

"Well, yeah, obviously he had great cover if he got away before anyone noticed, but what's his name?"

"He calls himself Eloosive."

"It's a trait of his, we've established this--"

"No, his pen name's Eloosive."  He has to spell out the name for the bystander.

The bystander raises an eyebrow.  "It's spelled wrong."

"Creative license,  it's an artist thing."

This artist's thing, this Eloosive's sole goal, is to create art for the art's sake.  This mysterious creature lurks on the sidelines, leaving pieces here and there on a daily basis, hoping someone'll draw their own inspiration from them.  He's tough to spot, mostly staying in the shadows despite his great work, but is always willing to support another willing to share their words.  No one is exactly sure what he looks like: some claim he looks like any other person on the street, others swear he dresses in shadow, the better to blend with them.  One thing all who claim to spot him agree upon, though, is that his words, easy smile, and supportive nature are the most easily recognized.

The elusive Eloosive: enigmatic crusader sworn to creating good work and encouraging others to do the same.

The End

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