An Ancient Greek Aristocrat

Identifying himself boldly by an alteration of his superhero name, ARISTOCRAT feigns to be a simple, hard working Ontarian. In reality, he is the direct descendant of the ancient kings of Arcadia, and a man of deep nobility. 

The strong blood of the ancient Greeks still flows in his veins, infusing him with unusual strength, firm discipline, and a keen mind. The high accomplishments of the great minds of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato are but child's play in comparison with his far-reaching intellect. With all this in his possession, he does not succumb to the mockery or distain of the poor ordinary people who surround him, but rather approaches all of life with a refined sense of humor, delighting in the small moments as well as the large ones.

And large moments, he does have. He does not let all his unique gifting go to waste, but works tirelessly to solve crimes of the most difficult and dangerous caliber. ARISTOCRAT performs his service where the greatest spies and most talented secret police fall short. It is an easy matter for him to pretend an ordinary day job while instead going out on his dangerous missions, always succeeding in returning home in time for dinner.

The End

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