The Protagonist Hall of Superheroes

Each writer creates a superhero out of the name of a fellow Protagonist, providing a description, background, and an example of that Superhero's powers in the pursuit of good or evil

The Alter Ego of Fog Cat" STORM PANTHER

In her everyday life, Fog Cat is a gentle, soft-spoken thespian, a woman of letters and loves, at night she transforms into the STORM PANTHER.  Dressed in coal black fire resistant fur, she prowls the night of the city on her relentless hunt for those whose dark motives lead them to commit despicable acts of crime.

Her golden eyes possess the power to not only peer into the dark night, but into the very thoughts about her.  Her well-manicured claws become  swords of razor sharp steel whenever the rage within her rises, bringing swift death to all who are intent on doing evil.

Storm Panther first became known when she took on the sinister Iago, the slayer of souls.  She tracked him down in the fierce frozen wastelands of Canada.  There, in the midst of only the Northern Lights, she brought an end to his murderous mission.


The End

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