Athelstan-Dinner and a Show

Near's a lot older.

That means I'm the youngest.


Since nobody else was doing it and Near was hungry, I walked to the kitchen fire while the "adults" chatted. Looking around, I realized there weren't many pots and pans from Shirley's home. I chose the largest pot and placed it on a spit over the fire pit. Slipping past everybody else, I ran outside and got a bunch of wood to dump in the pit. After chopping up some mushrooms and other such veggies and herbs from the forest, I threw it all in the pot then went to the stream for water. Man, I miss Lyra. And little Near. Ah well.

Looking at my uncooked stew, I planned how I was going to light the fire.

Grabbing a branch about like a torch, I walked over to Calathea. She was deep in conversation with the others. Felixa seemed to be pretending to understand whatever it was that was going on. Reaching up, I poked the burning fire rose slightly. Cal jumped and stared at me accusingly. "What are you doing?"

I stared at the burning torch. "Food." I answered.

"You can't eat burnt wood." She said with her hands on her hips. I chuckled a little then walked away. She went back to the conversation.

Placing the torch to the wood, it all caught on fire easily. As the water began to bubble, I knew it would be a while before it was ready. Therefore, it was time to entertain myself.

After assembling a choir of birds, I sat on a stool and began to teach them a song I'd heard Nephele sing a lot. It was a playful song, one that you would dance around a fire to, and had always made me want to start dancing.

After a couple of verses by the birds, I joined in, clapping my hands. I was so into the song that I didn't notice when Felixa walked up right behind me.

"That's a nice song."

"AAH!" I fell off the stool and the birds scattered from their neat and tidy positions to the far corners of the room.

Felixa laughed, "You have a really good voice."

I felt myself blush while I stared at her.

"I think I've heard it before...." She began singing it a little. I started singing with her, and soon she started harmonizing. It was awesome.

"Hang on a sec." I said. I pulled up a stool for her and then reassembled the birds. I started them off again and Felixa and I sang together.

All too soon, the stew was finished and everyone else came in with grumbling stomachs. I dismissed the birds and started serving up food to everyone. I blushed when I gave some to Felixa.

The End

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