Shadrach- .....and You're Bound to Get Burned

I crept to the edge of the camp,  and after a few moments began to twist a flame in my hand into delicate shapes.  A code of fire,  sending messages to the Dark Lord with the entrancing beauty of flame. I spoke with the flames as  my messenger.

I have them fooled.  I shot an arrow of flame into the sky.

The protections will easily break.  I shattered a globe of fire.

They're coming for Lyra.  A caged dove of twisting gold.

Desideria.....  A rose with burning thorns.

I almost  jumped when Cal walked up behind me. 

"How are you doing?" She asked. 

"Much better, thanks to you." I flashed a smile. 

She glanced at the rose still in my hand. 

"It was supposed to be a surprise....but I guess you caught me. "  I held out the rose.

Cal cautiously opened her hand.

"Don't worry, it won't burn you." I smiled bashfully. 

She took the rose, and smiled back at me.

I gave her a soft kiss, and we slowly walked back towards the others.

Cal tucked the rose in her hair.

I smiled.

"Playing with fire..."


The End

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