Calathea - Tending the wounded

 I was torn, but I knew Des needed me more than Shad right now.

She wouldn't heal! I'm dumbfounded? Why was I so useless against a simple, although nearly fatal, stab wound? I bandaged her up and left her be with the calming influence of Felixia, leaving only to tend to Shadrach.

"How you coping... looked like quite a fight."

"I'm OK - How you guys holding up?"

"OK - we've tried to  protect our new home from this sort of thing while we train but it seems some can still get through."

"How did you protect it - maybe I may  give helpful advice?"

I told him of our protections on the fortress and kissed him lightly on the forehead to return again to Des.

Felixia told me not to wake her. She'd done her best to mollify the pain but Des still was writhing in agony in her induced sleep.

We needed to fight back. I assembled Ath, Trin, Felixia and Near in the kitchen and we tried to cook up more than food. We needed a plan, something foolproof and we were to remain on guard to those - whatever they were that had hurt our friends.

Ath took first watch on the tower for signs and Near was to report to Trin and I. We were going on a reconnaissance mission, we were going to find and rescue our lost Lyra.

The End

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