Athelstan: A Note for Nephele

Everything was happening too fast. Near was suddenly older than me, Desideria was wounded in two places, and Lyra was gone! There's only so much a thirteen year old can take.

My brain felt numb. I couldn't think anymore. Seeking comforting thoughts, the image of home blazed into my mind. Nephele was holding out her arms to give me a hug. I realized it was a flash back of the first time I had tried my wings. They had immediately failed, leaving me with a scraped knee and hurt feelings. Closing my eyes, I held that image in my head.

Then, I realized I could write a letter to Nephele through the birds. Running into our temporary home, I ran straight into my room, one of the towers. Pulling out a quill and ink, I began to write.

Dear Nephele,

How are you? Things haven't been easy lately. The new Death Sage just got stabbed. I cringed when I saw it. The life sage is taking care of her right now. I found a gift from the Air sage. It's a wooden flute. With it I could put together a band of birds! Anyway, I'll tell the bird to stay just in case you want to write back.

Love, Athelstan

It was short, but it made me feel a lot better. I pulled out the flute and played a bird's call. An eagle flew up to my window. Using a ribbon, I tied the note to its back.

"Take this to Nephele, my guardian. She lives in the second kingdom, in the canyons. Stay until she says you can go." It blinked at me, gave a nod, then flew off into the sky.

The End

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