Desideria - Hysteria, Pain and Alvar

Well... This trip was turning out great. First Trinnean breaks my leg then I get trapped under a tree and he's the one who finds me. Not to mention every time I looked at him I felt really strange. I had never felt this way when I looked at the others, or anyone for that matter. And now Near was suddenly older! Things like this shouldn't be possible though they are!

Just then Ath burst into the room, panting heavily.

"It's.... Shadrach, he' not... too far. To the... west. Bout... three... three.. three.. minutes away." No one asked any question and jumped into action. It wasn't hard to find him. The trees were burned all around where he lay unconscious.

"Shad!" Cal exclaimed taking no time to rush over to him and lay her hands on his chest. She closed her eyes and all was quiet for a moment.

"Cal...?" Shad groaned quietly and relief settled in the air. "What happened?"

"We were just about to ask you the same question." Trin said with a small laugh. He was standing next to me. He was close enough that I could feel his body heat. I felt my heart beat faster and I began to take deep breath to calm myself down.

"From now on I think we should stay together. We still need to find Lyra!" Athelstan said urgently.

"But we don't even know where she's been taken!" I exclaimed.

"I do." Near said suddenly.

"Well even if we do know how are we going to get to her?" I asked.

"Is now really a good time to get our hopes down Des?" Cal asked walking over to me. She placed a gentle hand on my shoulder. "Lyra needs our help."

"We need to find Alvar! I bet this Dark One has taken her for bait! He just waiting for us to show up so that he can kill us one by one." I looked at everyone in the eye. I should really stop talking. I thought before turning around and walking away from the others.

I didn't stop walking until I found myself in a clearing far enough away. That's when the tears came. I hugged my arms and thought about what I just said. Was I really that heartless?

"Hello my dear..." a icy voice said behind me sending chills up my back. Slowly I turned around. Standing right in front of me was a man in black clothing. His hood hide his face and in his hand he held an obsidian sword that emitted a black aura.

"Des?" I heard Trin's voice from a little ways away. I took a step back, unable to make a sound.

"It's been awhile." the man said "Last time I saw you, you were just a little tike." he took a step toward me. "I see I made a good choice in choosing you, but I'm sorry to say that this isn't a happy meeting."

He moved so fast that I didn't see him move his sword. Next thing I knew I felt excrutiating pain in my side. When he removed to sword I saw my blood dripping from the tip. Then he vanished.

"DES!" I knew that Trin had yelled but his voice seem faint. I saw him and an older man approach as I began to fall to the ground, clutching my side.

"Trinnean..." I muttered as he caught me.

"Desideria keep your eyes open." he said "What ever you do, do not close your eyes. Cal we found her!" he yelled into the forest."

"We've got to get her out of here." the older man said. Right then blackness swallowed me.....

The End

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