Shadrach - An illusion.


I fought with the seven shynrads, but only enough to make it look realistic.  A fight was the one way to justify a meeting between the creatures and I.

Once I noticed Ath, I singed a few creatures, and dogged their practiced attacks. He flew off with genuine concern in his eyes. Before, that might have bothered me. Not anymore.

 The others would be here any minute. I looked to the leader of the Shynrads, and hissed a few words.

"Tell the Dark Lord to expect word in a few days."

  The shynrad nodded, and bowed low. "You will be rewarded,  Master." he said in a harsh whisper.

I sent the shynrads off with a sharp flick of my wrist.

I pulled a silver colored leaf from my pocket, and swallowed it. Setting fire to nearby grass and trees, (to complete the illusion of a true fight) I felt the effects of the leaf take hold.

Slumping to the ground, paralyzed, I watched my vision fade.

Within moments, I slipped into darkness .




The End

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