"NEAR! NEAR! N-" I begin to yell his name again, but a hand clamps itself over my lips, and someone stuffs a gag into my mouth. Then, without warning, I feel something knock on my head. I see stars, then everything goes black. 

When I awaken, my hands and feet are tied, along with the gag they put in earlier. I look down, and feel a jolt of fear. I am lashed to the back of a griffen, flying hundreds of feet up in the air. I do not recognize any of the ground below us, and the sky is light, the sun high in the sky. I must have been out for a long time.. I twist my head, and see a a man clad all in black, with long dark hair flowing back in the wind. As I am looking at him, he glances over his shoulder and our gazes lock. My eyes narrow and he grins.

"You are awake, then, young sage." He almost spits the word, his tone highly resentful. "Not so high-and-mighty now, are we, sage? You can't use your powers when you are bound and gagged, can you?" I smile under the gag. He underestimates me. I concentrate, pulling the water out of the air and using it to whip him across the face. But I am weakened, and there are hardly any clouds in this part of the day. "HAH!" He yells loudly. Too late, I realize I should have hidden my powers. That way I would have had the element of surprise later. Stupid! Stupid! I think to myself irritably. 

"Oh young Water Sage, how wise you are. Not. You should think before you act a little more often. Oh but not to worry. We are nearing the Dark Lord's keep. You will have your chance to fight. But don't expect to win. No-one wins against the Dark Lord." 

My heart sinks. I send out a silent plea to the other Sages:

Help me! I don't want to die... 

The End

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