Trinnean: Desideria!

I was a little way behind the others because I was fighting a guy with. . .who would've guessed? horns.

I sprinted in the direction of their spirit energy. Ath was infront of a weird creature, I was just about to push him away when Shadrach put a finger to his lips.

'Who is your master?' Ath muttered, the thing made a few odd wheezing noises and Ath nodded slowly, 'go now.'

The creature beat it's impressive wings and flew away.

'Well. . . it kept saying the 'Dark Lord who destroy their pureness.'Ath muttered, confused, as was the rest of us.

'What's that supposed to mean?' I huffed, putting my hands on my hips.

'Dunno.' Shadrach mumbled. I looked around, feeling a little grumpy. It had been a long time since I'd had a good fight. Weren't there anymore enemies?

I realised one of our battered group was missing, '. . .Where's Desideria?'

Cal looked up, frowning, 'I swear she was just here..  .you don't think...?' She looked up at Shadrach, horrified.

'If Desideria is dead. I wont forgive any of you.' I growled, they all cringed away at my anger, 'I'm going to find her.'

I swung myself onto one of the horses, 'yahh! Yahh! DESIDERIA! DESIDERIA!' I pushed the horse to it's limit's as I made it go deeper and deeper into the forest.

'Ugh. . .Trinnean?' A voice grunted, 'Trinnean, I'm stuck. ..'

'Desideria? Where are you?!' I panted, jumping off the horse, I looked around frantically.

'Under. . .under the felled tree. . .'She huffed, I followed her voice and spotted a mass of wavy black hair.

I spread out a palm onto the tree and turned it to dust easily.

'Desideria!' I gasped, I grabbed her and pulled her towards me.

'Trinnean. . .what?'

'I thought you were dead. .. .I really thought you'd died!' I shouted, 'stupid! Why didn't you call out louder! Your such a idiot!'

'On the verge of tears and yet you still manage to insult me.' Desideria smiled wryly.

'Who said I was crying!' I mumbled, holding the stupid girl at arms length, 'your so stupid. Why are you so . . .so. . .argg!'

'So. . .what? What am I Trinnean?' Desideria asked, her expression indifferent.

'Ugh. Idiot women!' I grumbled, pulling her into my embrace once more.

When we went back to where the others had created a new camp, there was a somewhat awkward air between us. And I think the others knew it too.

I knew it.

They knew it.

But did she know it?

One  thing is for sure, I'm starting to feel different towards that stupid women.

The End

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