Athelstan: Air Battle

Near was too freaked to tell us what happened. We got him back onto the horse and continued. An hour later, we stopped to let the horses rest. Felixa and I were coming down to land, when Shadrach looked up and then shouted.

"Athelstan! Behind you!" I whipped around to face the most ugly figure EVER. He was hulking, yet nowhere near as tall as Shadrach. He had rippling muscles, scars everywhere, and what I swear were the most disgusting tattooes all over. An eyepatch covered one eye, the other, an evil leering yellow. On a griffin, he was coming right toward me.

"Hang on!" A huge gust of air shot me straight upwards, right past the griffin. I righted myself with Felixa on my back with her arms around my neck. "Where is he?"

"Right behind us!" She cried in a frightened voice. I pumped my wings to gain speed and loop-the-looped to try to lose him. He followed right behind. I tried several more times, but he seemed to get closer each time. I decided to try one more time, only this time, without his sights on me.

"Felixa, blind him!" She did what I told her and we managed to confuse him long enough to get behind him and knock him off the griffin. Trees broke his fall, probably only breaking more or less than half his bones. The griffin was still after us. Crap crap crap crap crap!!

Then, an idea popped into my head. I dove near the ground and flipped around suddenly so Felixa fell off and rolled gently on the ground until she stopped. Flapping my wings, I lead the griffin away from everyone else and into the forest. Landing, I concentrated on controlling the griffin. I stayed in my landing postition until the griffin landed and felt my stare. It made eye contact with me, and stilled.  I felt its thoughts racing. I sensed the other sages come in behind me. Shadrach moved forward to to take on the griffin, but I put a hand back to stop him.

"Don't interfere, it's part bird. I can understand it." I didn't break the eye contact. We stayed in the same position until I knew I could understand it.

"Who is your master?" I asked.

The End

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