Near: Seeing....

We were still riding fast, just a little bit slower than we were. Why does Lyra keep staring at me? Do I have a simpol on my face? I wondered. Simpols useally pop up on my face when I see or go or send people into the future. It just happens sometimes ok? I started to feel dissy, was Lyra messing with my body? No... I felt myself slipping and falling. Voices yelling and then fading...

"Get out of my way!" yelled an older man, probably just older then Shad. He couldn't see me of course. He continued to rant and scream. Then this ugly creature thing that looked almost like a panther.

"I'm sorry, my Lord," it said, staggering towards the man. He pulled out his sword and stabbed it.

"Prepare my griffin for pursue," he said. Then as he finished taking his sword out of the body, I shivered.

I found myself on the ground screaming.

The End

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