Shadrach- the inevitable


I watched at how diligently Cal was cooking for us and being sort of a leader. I was grateful for who she was and for the new feelings and meaning of Life she brought to me. She was passionate in everything she did and I relished in her arms and kisses. I moved closer to her, watching her stir the stew she was preparing for us.

"The wind is picking up speed, that means we will be facing a cold front pretty soon," she said, as I snapped my fingers and sent sparks of fire into the kindling, augmenting the intensity of the fire. "A hot meal will suffice for tonight."

"I love at how attentive to nature you are," I said, leaning in to kiss her. She did not stir as I planted my lips on her forehead. I didn't want this moment to end, but a sudden dread cruised my mind and I jerked away from her. I narrowed my eyes, looking at the dark forest surrounding us, the trees were being blown by the wind in an unsettling manner.

"What is it Shad?" Cal asked me, concern and fear in her features.

"We have company," I whispered back, "stay here and tell everyone not to panic and act as if nothing is wrong... I will go find out who is the presence I'm feeling."

"Are you sure its not an animal?"

I shook my head, "not this time, death loiters close to us. I have a responsibility over all of you, so please stay here until my return. Be alert and careful. I promise I would protect you and the rest of them..."

"Promise me you'll come back," Cal said in a soft, wavering voice.

I nodded and kissed her once more before disappearing among the darkened foliage. The leafs grazed against my skin, its dampness giving me fright and chill. The presence I had felt earlier was somewhere close to this place, the moon in the sky was completely obscured the the passing clouds that wind had enticed in this cold-growing night.

A scampering sounded behind me, as I turned something leaped on me and I fell on the ground with a crash. I struggled to get to my feet, pushing whatever was pinning me down off my body. I could not yell nor shout, I didn't want to worry the rest and force them to run and help me. I gritted my teeth and sent a fiery blow to the side of the being, in a flash of red, a body hit the ground and whined.

I scrambled to my feet, summoning fire to my hands. The clouds overhead dispersed to allow a flood of moonlight, in that instant I saw the monster. It was an animal who was hunched and down on for paws, his head was roughly triangular with two tiny horns protruding from each side of its head and its jaws. He let out a growl before leaping again on me.

This time I was prepared, I slashed him with fire and thrust him aside. He whined but was on his feet again, displaying his yellow, jagged teeth. "What are you?" I asked.

"I am a servant for the Dark Lord, Sage of Fire," he said in a rough voice. He prowled around me and I watched every step he made. "My intentions are obvious, I am here to bring back the head of the Sages."

"Are you alone in this?" I asked as fear seared my mind, fear for the others rather than myself.

"Does it matters? After I kill you I will hunt the other ones down," he said, howling to the wind.

"Does your type have a name?" I asked, flexing my fingers.

"We are Shynrads," he hissed proudly, creations and servants of our Lord."

I nodded, "I am afraid you won't be able to deliver this message to your lord," I said, snapping my fingers, creating a whirlwind of fire that enveloped his dark body and turned him to ashes. We have eluded the dark forces and dangers for far too long, it was time to face our fate as a team and children of the Sages.

I returned to the camp, clearly disliking the role of bearer of some terrible news.

"What happened?" Cal rush to me, a bowl of stew on her hands. "We saw fire light the sky... are you hurt?"

I brushed off some dirt from my clothes and look at my friends with a solemn look. Our peaceful wanderings were over and we had to face the inevitable. "I am afraid I have some terrible news..."

The End

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