Trinnean: Caught In the Act


I woke with a start and bumped my head on the tree, 'who the heck did that?!'

I looked up to spy Near and Ath standing in front of me with evil looks on their little faces.

'We did.'They told me both at the same time, Desideria had also woken up quickly and was looking confused as she threw my cloak off her.

'I swear, I swear, when we save the world; I'm going to wring your necks.'I muttered, but I was in a good mood for some reason.

'. . .And I want some eggs with grains!' I heard Felixa tell the shell shocked Cal who was cooking breakfast.

'Felixa. . .we can't cook you that. Make do with fish.'Cal sighed heavily.

'I'll go catch some! I went to a nearby river to see Ne. . .I mean to paddle.'She said quickly.

'Desideria; can I have my cloak back?'I whispered when the others had left. She didn't meet my eyes when she handed me the hooded item

'Here you go. I'm off for food.'She mumbled, stumbling away. She was acting oddly flushed. Must be a morning + girl thing.

'I'm going to find a stream so I can wash!' I told them all, like it was the last thing they'd ever hear. But they just nodded and Shadrach muttered something under his breath as he started the fire.

I huffed as I walked away. All I had to do was find out where Lyra was and.. .

'But don't tell anyone!'

'Why not! They'll need to know this sort of stuff, Near!' Lyra cried.

Near was here? How, he was just at the makeshift camp we'd created!

'Lyra, I can't change the past. Or it'll ruin the future. I love you and I want to let you tell them just as much as you do . . .'This deep and much more mature voice of Near's was weird. 

I focused my eyes on a tree behind him, blowing it up.

'Lyra move! That's not Near! Near is back at the camp! Can't you see this guy is older?!'I yelled, jumping out and pulling Lyra back.

'What--? Trinnean!? What, did you. . .?!'Lyra cried again, jolting her arm from my steel grip.

'Oh dear.' This fake-Near sighed, then tried again, 'Trin, it's me, Near. But I'm from the future! See, I know stuff: yesterday we were playing with a flying toy ffrom the future and today Ath and I--'

'OK, OK. Say you are the Near we know; why did you confess your love for Lyra?'I asked bluntly. Lyra gasped and went bright red.

'T-t-thats because. ..w-w-we are, um, together in the future!' Lyra stammered, still pink.

'Oh.' I grunted, putting a fast to my mouth. 'Well, please excuse me.'

'Trin!' Future Near shouted, I turned around, 'don't tell the others!'

'As if I would!' I snorted as I jogged away.

It seemed everyone was going to fall in love in the future. I wonder if Desideria will me taken away from me--

WHAT?! She wasn't mine in the first place. I have to stop thinking weird things. . .

The End

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