Trinnean: Take a Nap

I turned my glance to behind me. Everyone seemed to be having fun. 

There was a strange mood emitting from Shadrach and Cal, the others were playing with a incredible flying thing that belonged to Near; even Desideria had a placid expression on her face.

She frowned at her toes then turned away from everyone, she appeared to be asleep. But I knew better, I'd pulled that stunt many times.

I sauntered over to where she lay, calm and icy cold like a snow princess.

'Why are you feigning sleep?' I muttered out of the corner of my mouth. She didn't move one inch, 'Desideria? Hello?'

Again, no noise, no movement.

'Oh, you really are asleep. Faker' I whispered, this would do the trick. . .

I pulled my cloak from my body and lay it upon Deriseria's. She made a small, 'oumff.' Noise and smiled gently as she snuggled into my cloak.

'Ooops. So you actually were asleep all along? Sorry.' I murmured, I looked at her placid  yet slightly happy face. I smiled at her, I found myself sitting up against the large oak tree she lay under, staring at her face until I drifted off to sleep.

Why was I so drawn to this girl?



The End

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