Desideria - The Young Couple

I was sitting under a tree, doing my best not to touch it, watching Near and Athelstan playing with this strange flying toy when Cal and Shad come walking back. She had her head on his shoulder and they're holding hands. At least I think that's what they're doing. They were too far away for me to tell for sure.

I turn my head to the campfire where Trin sat, also watching the boys. When he turned to me I quickly moved my gaze to the dead grass around me. My cheeks felt warm. Then I turned back to the flying toy before I started telling myself that no one could love someone who killed anything she touched.

When Cal and Shad came back I could tell she was excited. The plants seemed to blosom even more when she was in a really good mood. I didn't dare walk over to ask what happened for fear of killing the newly grown plants.

I glanced at Trin again. He was looking at the flames. I found myself noticing things I didn't notice before. He had let his long hair lay on his shoulders and his brilliant green eyes reflected the flames of the campfire and his mouth.....

 I quickly shook my head and looked out to the horizon. Why would he love me? I had threated the people he loved! I had only been mean to him through out this journey. The Undine Forest was only a couple of days away and we needed to focus on the problems at hand. Something was happening and we needed to find out what and who was causing it.

I laid down next to the tree with my back to Trin and the others and pretended to fall asleep though I knew I wasn't going to sleep tonight.

The End

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