Calathea - Playing with fire

Note: Crossed out lines are whispers.

I went walking with Shadrach, the air was cool and blew my dress hem into tiny swirls and billows and the ribbons in my braids danced and tangled together.

"So if you touch a fire that isn't you... so say I made a fire and you touched it; would you burn?"


"So you're fire-resistant?"

"Basically, but I don't like being in the warm too much, Weather wise, I don't feel firey heat, if you understand?"

"Actually, I know what you mean." The general thumping of heartbeats from the forest were deafened by the hammering I could feel vibrating in the air from Shadrach. I could hear every pulse of his veins and I could see how his brow sweated as we were walking.

"Are we going too fast? Would you like to sit?"

"What? No!"

"Oh - You're sweating."

"Am not."

I reach up and wipe my hand on his brow. "See wet!"

"Ok, fine, we'll sit, but you're not walking too fast for me. I'm just warm."

"Yeah right. I made the mighty Shadrach admit defeat to a girl!"

"You're just about my age - you're no where near a girl!"

"Well technically, but I can't really say 'admit defeat to a female'."

"You're a woman and quite pretty."

"What was that last bit, I couldn't hear." Well I can hardly hear much over his heartbeat - and mine.

"Erm, nothing."

There was a silence. Not awkward but not pleasant. Awkwasant?

"Cal... I don't know... I... I think. I don't know how, but... but..." His heart is crashing against his chest and he is muddling his words and tripping over himself.

"Are you ok?"

"No. I just..."

"Are you ill? Come here and I can see easier." I pull him into a hug and skim his body in my mind checking for illnesses. He's so warm, he's hugging back and fits right into my embrace.

 I don't want to let go. "You're so beautiful Cal." I hear him whisper in my ear.

We pull apart slightly and I admire the hardened lines of his face that is mismatched his soft dark hair. His hair that covers his deep eyes. They are entrancing, so full and inquisitive yet mysteriously shielded. I notice how his eyes are staring at me too. His hands brush against my flushed cheek and down my neck and trace the line of my jaw and collarbone before resting back under my chin; lifting my face to his. So naturally my eyes close as our lips press together. His lips are a soft, wet warmth and I can taste our last meal. His hands fall down from my face and hold my shoulders lightly and we fall apart reluctantly.

"I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me. I liked it."

"I'm not sure." I pull myself in again to him, taking control this time and our lips are parting. Our tongues just touching and exploring the curves of each others lips.

"Now I am!" I'm breathless but happy and his smile is evident. His heart has slowed and his brow no longer sweated but I see the satisfied rise and fall of his muscular chest.

"We better be getting back to the others or they'll hunt us down." He lifts my hand to his face and plants a quick kiss on my tanned dorsum, nudging my bangles with his straight nose.

We walk back closer together, hands entwined like the ribbons in the wind. Just as we are a minute from the group hie brings me close again and kisses my forehead. I rest my head back on his shoulder and neck and it fits like a jigsaw piece. I can see Near and Athelstan In the distance playing with a toy, a flying toy.

The End

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