Near: Toys!!!!

     As Cal left, I rolled from the scene and into my room. I rolled all the way down the hall and reached for my sack. I pulled out a toy from the vilage near here. I giggled. Near. I made a joke! I looked fully into my sack and saw it had all of my favorite toys.

"Thank you Gada," I whispered. I skipped down the hall. I looked outside and saw Cal and Shad talking to eachother.
"Oooo, it almost looks like Cal and Shad are 'getting together'," I giggled again. That was a frase from the future. I hopped down the hall to where everyone was spralled out on the floor giggling.

"Did I miss something?" I asked, putting a hand on my hip.

They all glaced at me and started to laugh. Oh well, I thought, I have toys! I walked over to the middle of the floor and dumped my toys  in front of me.

"What's this?" asked Ath, holding up one of my flying toys.

"Uhm... From the Future?" I guessed. Before the Time Sage died, he gave Gada that toy for me.

The End

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