Shadrach: feel alive


I left the happy gathering behind as I walked out of the house and toward the clearing near a forest. I needed to feel the wind ignite my energy to practice and become stronger for the upcoming fate that awaited me and the rest of my friends. Friends, a word with great connotations and meanings attached to it and just like Trinnean I was feeling accepted in the family of sages we were born into and destined for grandiouseness.

The laughter became fainters as I walked, breathing in air. The air reminded me of Athelstan and how grateful I felt the day I ran into him and we began our journey together. Being the oldest of the current sages, I had a sense of responsibility toward all of them, I thought it to be my duty to protect them and defend them against the world that surrounded us, even though they might do it themselves as well.

Once I positioned myself below the blazing sun, I did some breathing exercises to control the furious fires burning inside me, waiting for my arduous training to start. I flexed my arms and craned my neck, closing my eyes to concentrate in my task at hand. I clenched my hand in a tight fist and released my fingers, with it a whisk of fire. Manipulating ropes and whips of fire was easy, I twirled it around my body and then hurled it through the sky. For a minute the sky was dyed in a redish glow, then went back to its blue with broken clouds spread on it.

Fire, consumed and powered itself with air, oxygen. That, I had plenty of in this windy day. I jumped up in the sky and clapped my hands in the air, fire appeared from thin air and wrapped around me like a thin cloth, suspending me in the air. The effect wasn't for much long for I fell on the ground again, holding my balance with my two legs.

"Sometimes I think you are working yourselve out," the wind carried a small voice to my ears as I turn around to face Calathea, who was walking toward me in her patient fashion. Her face bore a small wicked smile full of life and energy.

"Calathea, I thought you were enjoying yourself inside," I responded, snapping my fingers behind my back. A gesture I acquire everytime I was alone with Calathea. The delicate scent of her golden hair brought a longing feeling to my heart.

She tossed her head and filled the silence with a mirthful laugh, I smiled despite my seemingly composed features. "I noticed someone was missing."

"Yeah, its hard to miss out that dude who makes everything burn," I said, trying to sound comical but when I saw Calathea orderly manner I knew it was not funny. I was never a funny person, ever.

"Making everything burn is not your only quality," she said softly, "you are the only person I've seen that can manipulate fire in a graceful manner without intending or wanting to hurt anybody with it. Besides, the colour fire acquires when it dances in your finger is mesmerizing and heart-warming and I am lucky to witness it."

My heart tightened as I heard her words, the silence that followed was awkward and only mitigated by the occasional howling of the wind. Something was surged to my heart, almost unstoppable and highly wished for.

"You know what, Cal?" I asked, her short-name rolling off my tongue like something sacred and serene, "being the Life Sage suits you well. Thank you for making me feel alive."

The End

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