Trinnean: Accepted.

Shadrach poked my back and I winced, giving away my only weakness.

Soon, Lyra, Felixa, Cal, Near, Shadrach and  Athelstan were all pinning me down and wriggling their fingers over my sensitive back.

I could not help but let a smile slip. This was odd. . .I don't get it.

Soon, Desideria joined in and tickled me lightly on the back until I was in agony with suppressing my laughter.

I would not laugh, I would not laugh, I would not laugh, I would not laugh, I would not laugh, I would not laugh. . .

'Pah-ha-hahaha!'I roared, my laughs, sniggers and giggles all pouring out at once. The other Sages stared at me for a second and grinned. 

'So it's possible for the amazing emotionless boy to laugh! Not so grumpy now are we!' Felixa squealed and she jumped on my back once more, clawing at it.

'No...heh....stop...haha...I'm not,...haha...laughing..'I gasped.

This scene was so weird, with Desideria smiling faintly at the situation, and all the others piling on top of eachother tickling like crazy, Shadrach lighting us a fire. ..

It was different from before.. . .

we were all .. ..connected....

I'm not the sentimental type, but..  .

It felt as though for once in my life, I was being treated like a normal guy. . .

The End

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