Calathea - Best Fight Ever

I woke up to a pure light. Like nothing I'd seen before. It was like the world was clear and calm. I could see a few aching red lights to my right, but by turning to see them properly they vanished and were replaced by the new serenity. It was also quiet. More quiet than it'd been for a while.

"Hey, she's waking up." soon my clear view was slightly obscured by the faces of my fallow Sages, except for Trinnean and Desideria.

"Give her some space, she needs air." I heard Lyra say softly.

"Did you say air?" Came a jokey reply from Althelstan.

"No... we don't mean literally." Lyra hissed quickly back. Too late I felt a cool breeze over my shoulders.

"Hey, Cally, so what exactly was that you did?" Felixia held my hand and I could see she'd not slept for a while by deep circles of red light under her eyes. I focused on them and she brightened again.

"I don't know, it just happened, I guess I'm still improving and finding my powers."

"Well..." Athelstan butts in, "Talking of improving powers, listen to this." At which point a sound of pure bliss and cheer from a small wooden flute filled the air. The sky filled with feathery shades of bird and they settled around us in a perfect circle. He stopped. "Cool huh?"

"Very. So what actually happened guys, I don't feel like I've been awake until a few seconds ago - ever."

"Ever? You mean what?" I notice Shadrach and the foot of my makeshift bed, Clicking his fingers with fire on and off.

"I mean it's like before I couldn't see, I couldn't feel or hear anything. Like it was a dream and this if the first time I could see the real world."

"This'll wake you!" Lyra gave little warning before I see a stream of water flying though my peripheral vision. I'm soaked.

"I'm gonna so get you!" I jump up and grab her bare foot, running my fingers up and down until she is begging through her giggles for me to stop.

"Please I'll wet myself!"

"And I thought you liked making things wet!"

"That was such a male thing to say Athy... maleness I'm going to tickle out!"

"Not if I tickle you first!"

"I defend Athy's right to maleness and will defend his honour!" Now Shadrach joins the tickling spar and Felixia and Near gang up and Grab me from behind, holding down my arms as my feet and laid siege upon my warm fingers.

Another squirt of water flies over me and lands on Athelstan and he jumps over landing on Lyra and everyone is laughing and screaming with excitement.

"Hey keep it quiet, some of us need sleep."

"Get her!" and I escape the clutches of Near, Felixia and Shadrach and start of Desideria. She quickly overpowers me as Shadrach still has hold of my feet and I'm weak from laughter. "Someone - help me make her laugh!"

"And die?" came a laughing reply from Lyra.

"Oh she didn't tell you - She can't kill us, if we are immune to her - Felixia help me!" At which point I get squished by the Felixia as she struggles to get a place to tickle.

 As Shadrach climbs over me to get at Lyra's feet I shout "Ow that was my butt - I don't need butt-burns!"

"Well she's tickling my sides!" she half points to Felixia. "I'm useless to help you there!" Comes back a weak reply from the quelled Death Sage.

"Hello?" We all stop laughing and look up to see Trinnean in the clearing.

"Get the boy!" Shadrach yells and we all run up to him with wiggling fingers.

"You won't find any ticklish bits I swear."

"Oh yeah, and why are you back then?" Shadrach says whilst hunting for a weak spot.

"I spoke to Tia and my Master... I suppose you guys will need me. You're all kinda lame without me - as the scene before me reveals. We can't fight evil and other bad things with tickling."

"We could try!" A laughing Lyra manages to gasp between fits of giggles.

"Found a place... His back!" And Trinnean is on the floor, first smile we've had out of him!

The End

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