Athelstan: In Charge

Near had been crying. I would've been too if I'd been forced to witness the Destruction Sage at work and there was nothing I could do. Cal had just collapsed from exhaustion. Trinnean stood, still fuming, off to the side. I looked over to him.

"Try one more thing Trinnean and I will kick your butt so hard you feel it till the day you die." I warned. The Flute in my and seemed to be helping me know what to do. "Those of you who are still steamed, go off by yourselves and cool off. Be back at sunset if not sooner."

"Don't tell me what to d-" Trinnean began gasping for breath when I sucked it out of his mouth.

"When I said 'those of you who are still steamed' I meant you." I looked at him sternly. Then to Felixa, "Felixa, prepare beds for the injured. Near and I will be carrying them to the beds. Do what you can for their wounds."

Trinnean slunk off. Felixa nodded and pulled out the bedding. Near and I approached Desideria. As I reached down to touch her, Near grabbed my arm.

"Wait, touching her is suicide." He looked at me. Crap.

"We need Trinnean, don't we?" Near nodded. "TRINNEAN! WE NEED YOU!!!" I yelled.

"What Mr. Bossy?!" Trinnean growled.

"We need you to pick Desideria up and put her on the bed. We would be killed if we tried." I told him. I could see him mocking me under his breath, but I let it slide. But he performed the task before wandering off again. Felixa began another bed as Near and I picked up Cal and got her into the bed. We did this for all the others with Felixa healing them all along the way.

The End

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