Calathea - Keeping Time

I hate it when death threats are just tossed around. Or I hate it more now.

Everytime one "I'm going to kill you." Is spoken it sounds like a clap of thunder in my ears and the ringing of bells whenever they hit each other. I'm getting away from this.

I hitch up Fluffy and chuck everyone else's belongings off of his saddle bags, leaving just my few light possessions.

"I'm getting out of here until you guys learn how to get on, If you need me - I'll be in Utos, doing something worthwhile. Hy-ah!" And fluffy rears up in the pounding rain, galloping off away from that quarreling group.

It's so good to be away. They got on my nerves so much.

"Cal - go back."

I halt Fluffy.

"Who said that?"

"Go back, they need you more now than Utos."

"People are dying unnecessarily there - how dare you say those ingrates need me more!" I haven't lost my temper like this before.

 "Go back."

"No. And who are you?"

"I'll tell you when you go back."

"I demand to know who you are, tell me or I shan't."

"If you don't go back Shadrach and Lysandra will die. The Sages must be protected."

"And you'd know this how?"

"This is breaking most rules but hello, It's me, Near." Benvolio comes out of the shadows, or I believe it to be Benvolio. he's much older and battle-worn.

"So you're telling me - right now, that they die. But you can't know that unless they do die, and you can't know that they'll live unless I go back."

"It's confusing, But just listen. When you left I got an image of you saving their lives. I can't say more or it may happen differently. In my time-line; they died, I couldn't do anything. But when you came back we all fought together and nearly won. We needed them, we all work as one unit. I forgot about it until nearing the end of the battle and swore as soon as I could safely leave you all that I would send you back to help us. If I'm successful I'll go back in time in the future and tell you this again. I ask you - if you do go back, tell me to do this when the time is right. Time is a worrying thing."

At which point near dissipated into the air, leaving Fluffy, Forget and I standing in the forming puddles wondering if this apparition was real.

I suppose it couldn't hurt to go back, but I also suppose I'd go back anyway; I know they need me. 

I re-mount Fluffy and point him to the clearing where we were. We head back fast, toward the thunderous fighting and the excruciating pain and light.

 What I say could haunt me. Laying on the floor were Lyra, Shadrach and Des. Trinnean was standing fuming in the middle.

I jump off of Fluffy and immediately my arms fly up.

Trinnean is forced back slowly on a blanket of light until he can't reach the wounded on the floor. he struggles against my force-field of energy.

As I walk forward, slowly at first, toward the hundreds of flat broken notes on an out of tune flute. The world around me seems to be full of color, the vibes of red pain emanating from the floored Sages calms to a green then disappears. the water in puddles seems to make a rainbow of metallic color. The rain stopping.

"Now if you fight again you shan't be touching or thinking anything for a while."

Trinnean stares fire at me, concentrating on hurting me, destroying my bubble of serenity. And he is failing.

"Now, are you going to stop willingly or will you have be forced to?"

"I'll stop if you let me think of anything!" But the words seem mangled.

I'm tiring and my pull on the bubble fails. I collapse on the floor in a heap of sleepiness.

The world turns darker and darker until all I see is a bright light in the sky and a wooden bird circling.

The End

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