Athelstan: The Winds of Fate Strike Again

"I'M GOING TO RIP YOU SLOWLY LIMB FROM LIMB ATHELSTAN!!" Trinnean screamed at me. I dropped Felixa onto the ground. I was only trying to lighten the mood. If people were going to yell, I was leaving. I pulled out my wings and flapped off the ground again.

"I'll be back when things cool down. Don't expect any sooner." I called, then flew off. The rain was still falling, cool and wet on my neck. My hair was soon soaked and it began to trickle on my face. When I was a few miles away, I landed and sat on a big rock. Breathing deeply, I put my chin in my hands and stared absently at a tree. Wind swirled up and down it, making the leaves dance.

"I miss Nephele." I mumbled to myself. Things never heated up at home, we were both just too calm. We would argue every now and then, but quietly and and we'd figure out who was right without curses, yelling, and death threats. Why can't Trinnean be like that?

Suddenly, some wind blew harshly across my face, making me turn my head away. I caught sight of something etched into the tree next to me. Standing, I walked over to it. Looking closely, I saw a flying bird with swirls around it carved into the tree. I recognized it as the Wind Sage's symbol. Reaching out, I touched it and the rock I had been sitting on cracked. There was a wide cavern in it. When I looked down it, I spotted an intricately decorated chest. Pulling it out, I realized it was covered with the symbol of the Wind Sage. There was a lock, but on touch, it opened. Inside the chest, there was something wrapped up in a scroll. When I  opened the scroll, a wooden flute fell into my lap. Looking at the scroll, I began to read.

Well done! You've discovered my gift to you. This flute was mine while I was alive, and now, it is yours. Each time you play, you will be able to conduct bird songs, or even control their movements; it will also strengthen you, if need be. You may need this in trials. Keep this flute secure. Your parents would be proud.

---Sage of Wind

Blinking furiously, I looked down at the flute in my lap. Picking it up, the fingering came naturally and I tried a note. I felt myself calm immediately and I tried some more notes. A few bluebirds landed next to me and I tilted my head at them. They tilted theirs too. I tilted it the other way, and they did the same. My newfound tool made me happy, and I slipped it safely into my side pack.

I then began to wonder how the other Sages were doing. Closing my eyes and gripping my flute, I drew the air from their direction towards me. Things were doing even worse than when I left. Crap.

The End

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