Trinnean: The Prank Shocker

I sped away from crowded forest as fast as I could. 

I didn't want to be near the fools ever again, in fact, I'm never going cross paths with them again.

'Trinnean! Stop right there!'

So much for not crossing paths.

'Oh it's you,' I groaned, pulling down my cloaks hood, 'and what does little shaddy want from me?'

I looked at him, careful not to stare. I raised my eyebrows when I smelt smoke.

'You're really going to try this with me, boy?' I laughed bitterly. I cracked my nuckles, 'come on the child. Show me if you have it in you to kill someone.'

His eyes widened. Oh so we wasn't intending to kill me? He's so childish. You fight to kill, thats just the way it is.

'I will if you don't go back!' He growled. OK, now he was being foolish. No one can win against me. I can kill by staring.

'I'm going back to Tia and my Master. Sorry, but, you should know that your death would be pointless and I really don't want to kill you, Shadrach.' I sighed, shaking my head. Was he going to make it this easy. I walked forward and spread out my palm.

The poor kid was shaking like a leaf in the wind. 'I'll do it. So, what d'you say? You ready to die?'

'Don't touch me!' He roared, trying to throw I punch. I dodged it easily.

'I'll stare then.'

'STOP IT BOTH OF YOU!' Lyra's voice rang out loud and clear through the whole forest, 'PLEASE DON'T FIGHT!'

'He started--' I was cut off and heavy rainfall poured from the sky. I grumbled and went to get the spooked horse. 'I'm still going.'

'I'm you go, Trinnean, I will kill you.'Desideria hissed.

'Your bluffing. You can't kill me.'I snapped, but still wary.

'I never said how I would kill you. Now come with us or I'll kill Tia and your Master instead.'She whispered. She was speaking so low no one could hear her threats.

'You wouldn't.'I snarled quietly.

'Don't fight, guys!' Felixa cheered at everyone, 'I'm sure were being tested, Ath! Let me fly! I want to see around!'

Athelstan nodded, looking at her carefully before hoisting her up in a princess carry.

'Hey, are you two in love?' Cal blurted at Desideria and I.

'HUH?!'We both yelled.

'Go on! Kissie Kissie!'Felixa called from high above.

'I can help with that!' Athelstan laughed loudly, I felt air thrust into my back and I'm sure a horrified expression was plastered on my face because Desideria was the same.

'Oh no!' I mumbled as the gust of 'wind' pushed me into Desideria.

Everyone whooped and I pushed Desideria away, she was blushing furiously and rubbing her lips. I was spitting and cursing all of them at the same time. It was odd, this was the first time I'd seen Desideria show such emotion.



The End

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