Calathea - Travelling Circus

We must have looked a sight, the strangest assortment or people with the strangest powers believable if you wanted to believe it.

"So you're telling me, it's a bit more than light, it's as if the light is a metaphor for happiness?"

"A bit, yeah, although it is physical light as well, and other emotions, mainly making others feel good." Felixia picks at the bread roll in her hands, tearing it into little rounded crumbs.

I turn to my watery friend, "See Lyra, a happiness sage!"

"Yeah yeah, and where is this food sage I've heard so much about?" she just didn't seem so happy after the past water sage hadn't come to her. Could have been something to do with Desideria being the death sage, she connects to the dead.

"Your food is coming up in a second." Athelstan called from high in an apple tree, throwing apples wildly to the group.

"Where's Trin?" He isn't eating with us.

I turn and look around for his dark form and see him running toward us yelling, I can't hear and it sounds like life is snapping around me, the little threads breaking one by one in my ears. It's deafening.

He dives at the rock where Felixia and I sat, obvious screaming yet I can't hear for the roaring now.

He shoves us hard from our seat and lands with a large snap I can hear over the roar on Desideria.

Suddenly the roaring reaches screaming and stops with a crash vibrating smaller groans. I turn behind me and see a tall tree had fallen.

Trin and Des are fighting again and her leg is in an awkward broken position. i see throbbing light coming from it.

I feel like my powers are getting stronger, I can see and hear where I should be helping, where I'm needed.

There's a flurry of motion and sound and I'm focusing on the light on Desideria's leg, I can see where it fractures apart and in my mind's eye I place the pieces back together. I'm running on auto pilot, I feel like the world outside this bubble of watching lights and sounds doesn't exist.

Lyra brings me back from the bubble world with a jolt to the back. "Where did you go just then, you didn't seem to be responding for a while and were standing so still."

"I felt like I could see the pain, I could hear the snapping and cracking of the life in the tree, I could see where Des broke her leg."

"Are you ok? As far as I knew it was still broken."

"No, it's healed." I pause for a while. "I think we're being tested by some outside forces, out powers are getting stronger."

"Well I hope it doesn't get scary with Des and Trin being tested."

"I would think we have to be in some form of situation, so it could be worse for you guys too." I point to the rest of the group.

"I really don't want to see what happens when I'm being tested."

"Why not Near?"

He shudders, "Time Zombies."

A panic sets itself in my head. "Where's Forget?" I scrabble through the debris of the tree and shove my fingers against the new shoots growing under my hands, "Des, get up and kill these shoots, I need to find Forget."

"It's a spider Cal, just a spider, all spiders are basically the same."

"Get here and help me." With that, she walks calmly over and holds her hand on the trunk.

The shoots fall withered and brown and I still can't see my eight-legged friend.

Then from under the bark a half crushed buggy creature emerges, looking worse for wear.

"Forget!" And she ambles onto my hand, then scuttles to my neck and hugs the pendant on my necklace. I'm glad I made her better.

"We better carry on going then." Trin just wants to get away from the tree.

As we're saddling up Shadrach points to my necklace with forget happily sleeping on it. "It's that a jade desi-hexistone? Also know as a life stone?"

"Yes - how would someone like you know things like that?"

"hey, I'm not just all muscle and fire! I'm an expert on stones, metals and other things that are vaguely fire-resistant, or not as the case my be."

"A jack of all trades."

"Not all, but sort of." he pulls a small stone on a leather string from his pocket. "This is a crimson desi-hexistone, the fire stone."

"Do we all have them?" Pipes up the ever happy Felixia.

"Do you?" Shadrach lifts her onto his shoulders.

"No... but does anyone else?" she hugs his head from behind his eyes with her tiny hands.

"Well not everyone then, Lyra, have you got one?"



"Yes." And she produces a bracelet with a black gem on it.

"Ah, a black penticrystal. Very rare. Hmm, Near - have you got one?"

"Yeah," At which point her flashes a small pin on his cloak. "But it's not where near as big as the ones you guys have."

"Cool, I don't think I can see it - can you just pass it here?"

Shadrach examines the pinhead closely and proclaims it to be a opaline endostone. he passes it back.

"I haven't seem many of them, it's a real beauty though. So Althelstan?"

"No stones or gems here." he says, jumping into the air with his wooden wings. "It's weigh me down too much."

"So Trin, have you got one?"



Trinnean jumps onto Lyra's horse, Whirl, and disappears into the forest.

"What's up with him?" Des sniffs.

"I don't know but he's been on my nerves all day.. I'll get that annoying son of a b-"

"Oh calm down Shaddy." Felixia taps his head. But he's already lost it. He passes Felixia onto the floor calmly and starts sprinting into the forest, hand and eyes ablaze with hellish fire.

"What are we going to do?" Lyra finally says, breaking the silence.

"We should follow the sound of burning leaves, I can hear it quite loudly. Everyone, saddle up or get going or we'll have a situation on our hands."

"Think this is another test?" Desideria says while clinging onto my cloak tightly as we're racing through the forest in pursuit of the idiots.

"Nah, Trin is being stupid and Shadrach blew his top."

Well, I hope we're not being tested.

The End

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