Trinnean: Desideria's Problem.

I sat down a little way from the others. On my own this time.

Tia had decided to visit her father(my master). I wonder if she knew where we were going?  I bet she would, this is Tia were talking about here! I was so engrossed in my trail of thought that I didn't realise I was causing many tree to fall down as I stared into space.

'Ah! Oh no! MOVE!'I yelled as one of the tree's cracked at the bottom and was slowly desending down to where everyone was eating.

The others jumped out of the way alost instantly. But Desideria and Felixa were sat down on a rock, only just realising the situation.

'Dammit! MOVE IT!'I shouted. I don't know why I felt so on edge, I don't know why I felt suddenly worried. It's ot like I cared for these people at all, was it...?

I also don't know why I jumped forward and pushed them both out of the way. I accidentally landed on top of Desideria's leg, causing her to yelp in pain. I shushed her and spreak my hand out against the falling tree.

'You can't push it back, idiot!'Desideria screeched, she was obviously in pain from my heavy body that was still sprawled on her leg.

'Who said I was pushing I away?!'And with that I spread out my palms and turned the tree to dust.

Everyone was crowded around by the end of it. Felixa was on all fours looking like she was about to burst into tears and most of the others had their arm's outstreached as if to help somehow.

'Were fine! Were fine!'I called out. 'Seriously, I told you to move!'I said, tilting my head back to look at the furious Desideria.

'This would not have happened if you had not been glaring at everything that moved!'Desideria hissed. Then her angry face turned placed and she gained back her usual expressionless mask, 'Felixa, Cal. I think he broke my leg. Please if you would be so kind, heal it for me.'

'Ah, damn, sorry!' I mumbled and I scrambled off her brusied and slightly red leg.

'We can try if we combine our powers. . .but, Desideria, I don't know if we can compleatly heal it right now. I mean, that a very bad break. It really hurts.'Felixa said softly, wincing as she tuned into to Desidera's pain frequency.

'Well, why don't I put some cold water on it for the time being while you two prepare youselves and then Felixa, you can numb the pain and Cal you can heal it.'Lyra ordered, crossing her arms and looking very pleased with herself.

'Good plan.' Shadrach grunted, sitting down.

'Hurry, we mut go to the forest soon!'Desideria urged them franticaly.

'We'll do the best we can.'Lyra said gently as she collected water from the air and poured it over Desideria's leg.

'If she still can' walk by the end of it; I vote Trinnean carries her.' Benvolio said fairly.Athelstan nodded and grinned. I closed my eyes and tried to make them realsie I was glaring at them in my mind. In my mind!!!

But I did feel a litle bit sorry for what I'd done. But only a little bit!

The End

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