(this is just what Athelstan's been doing)

Spotting the perfect branch, I jumped onto the tree and scurried to it. Snapping it off, I went back onto the roof. The branch slid easily into place and a smile crossed my lips. I put my pack onto my back again and went inside. Flopping on the couch with Felixa and Lyra, I felt relaxed. Then, Cal and Desideria ran into the room.

"Where are the others?" Cal blurts.

"In the woods I think... or in their bedrooms..." Lyr says uncertainly.

"Where in the woods Lyra?" Cal presses urgently.

"I don't know, around. Calm down, it's not like it's a matter of life or death!" Lyra smiles while she answers. Cal and Desideria have a look exchange and I feel a faint smile appear on my face. Lyra sighs, "Fine, I'll help you look. Wait, Athelstan, can't the wind tell you where they are?"

"Probably..." I stand up and open a window. Closing my eyes, I concentrate and the wind brushes past my face. The feeling of fire and destruction came from behind the house and I sensed Benvolio in the bedroom. "Shadrach and Trinnean are just a few metres from the back of the house, and Benvolio is sleeping in the bedroom."

"Thank you" Desideria says quietly. She and Cal run from the house.

"Wake Benvolio!" Cal calls back. We do so and then we have a Sage meeting.

"Sages," Desideria starts, "we need to move. I have been contacted by the spirit of the former WaterSage. She says trouble is coming, sooner than we expect, and we need to go to the Undine forest, where we will meet someone who will holp us train our powers. We must leave immediately."

As chaos breaks loose, I cover my ears and curl up into a ball with my eyes closed.

"HUSH!" Sherly quiets everyone down. I uncurl to hear her. "If Desideria has seen the spirit of a former Sage, the news must be urgent. I will help you all pack."

I stand up and collect my bags then go out the door. Once everyone is organized, I open my wings and strap them on. Taking flight, I soar high above the group. A whoop rips from me and I begin to loop-the-loop repeatedly.

"Let's go!" Came the cry. I didn't move much, considering the fact that things seemed so much slower on the ground. Swooping low, I blew a gust of wind onto Felixa and did the same to Benvolio. They both laughed and I did as well then soared upward again.

After travelling for a while, I look down to see the others stopping for lunch. Closing my wings, I do a deep dive then open them to slow down and land. I unstrapped my hands and folded the wings and tailfeathers carefully into my pack then pulled my food from Nephele out of the second pack. I sit down on the ground and eat my lunch and then wait for the others to get ready to leave.

The End

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